Important information, documents, and forms for voters and Precinct Committeeman can be found on this page.

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Legislative District Lookup

Official PC List

Precinct Committeemen as of 09-01-2023

Republican PC Quotas

Signature Requirements & Quotas by LD

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District, precinct, and Supervisiorial locator

PC Video Resources

PC Documents & Forms

LD11 Bylaws

Approved on May 10, 2022

PC Handbook

Revised on January 22, 2023

PC Proxy

LD11 Proxy Form

PC Application - Online

MCRC online version of PC application

PC Application - Paper

MCRC paper version of PC application

MCRC Bylaws

Amended on January 14, 2023

Voter Spectrum Access Form

MCRC Data Agreement

PC Proxy for MCRC

MCRC Proxy Form

MCRC PC Resignation Letter

Please also complete the Vacancy Form

MCRC PC Vacancy Form

Request to establish a vacancy

AZGOP Bylaws

Revised and approved on January 28, 2023

GOP Data Center Access Form

GOP Data Agreement

E-Qual Online Petitions

Sign candidate petitions electronically

Candidate Nomination Petition - PC

PCs petition for signatures

MCRC Bylaw Amendment Template

For proposed amendments

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